My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent
Kaylee has one addiction: her very hot, very popular boyfriend, Nash. A banshee like Kaylee, Nash understands her like no one else. Nothing can come between them.
Until something does.
Demon breath. No, not the toothpaste-challenged kind. The Netherworld kind. The kind that really can kill you. Somehow the super-addictive substance has made its way to the human world. But how? Kaylee and Nash have to cut off the source and protect their friends—one of whom is already hooked.
And so is someone else…

I confess, the reason I was attracted to these books were the covers. Yes, the books seemed mildly interesting, but the covers were gorgeous, so I thought I'd give it a shot. My Soul to Keep is the third of five books in the Soul Screamers series, not including the online only, free "intro" My Soul to Lose (available through ) Yes, confusing, but read it, it's not long. Usually in a series the books start off great and then go downhill. This series is the opposite. The first two books, three if you include the online one, are definitely good books. It's this third book though that is the most interesting. This book has more going on in it. There are several new characters introduced which keep the plot moving and the reader interested. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series, coming out Jan 2011. Too bad I have to wait so long!!!

♥ Allie
June 18, 2010

The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
By Stephanie Meyer

Meyer once brought readers into the engrossing fictional world of vampires. In this novel she grants us a glimpse of the ‘darker’ side, allowing us to see what it's like to be a newborn.

In general I was disappointed with this novel. It had so much potential to outrage the readers with the newborn behavior, but I felt it lacked the shock that readers expected. We all know that newborns are malicious and I wanted to see more depth to Bree’s struggle. Instead we watch Bree fall in love with Diego, and together they try to unlock the mystery of why they are created. They uncover lie upon lie and struggle with whom to trust.

I am glad that I read this novel, but it did not captivate me like the rest of the twilight series. Unlike the others I definitely do not feel the need to reread it over and over again. And even though we all know how Eclipse ends, I was rather angry with how Diegos story ended. He was perhaps my favorite in this book.
~ Stevi
June 24, 2010

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
Two teenagers fall in love while on vacation, but neither anticipates how much that love will affect their lives.

If you were like me and watched the movie before reading the book, when you finished watching the movie Dear John, you were left with a mix of emotions on whether or not you liked it. Since most movies and the books sometimes differ greatly, I decided to read the novel. For the most part it is similar to the movie, there are however, some additional scenes involving Savannah and Johns life together, which I liked. Even though they weren’t always happy scenes, I think it added more to the characters struggle. It went more in depth into the emotions that each were suffering from. As I stated earlier I was very mixed about whether or not I liked the ending of the movie, however I will say I almost liked that ending more than that of the book, ALTHOUGH the end of the novel does have its own sense of sweetnes. Overall, I am on the fence on whether or not I liked this book. It has some great scenes, and other moments where you just want to throw the book away angry--I suppose that conflict of emotions is proof of a good writer. In all, absolutely everything is just so bitter sweet. There is no other way to describe it.
June 28, 2010

Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall by Wendy Mass
One fateful day in gym class Tessa Reynolds is struck in the head with a dodgeball and soon after she hits the floor she floats above her body and into her version of heaven, the mall. Soon she is shown a bag of random items from her life. Each item has its own significance in Tessa’s life, and they showcase the decisions she has made that have led her to become the person she is now.
This book is written in a kind of poetic prose, though I’m not sure why, since it doesn’t add to the book. If you’re worried about the book being made difficult by the prose, don’t be. The book is predictable, as I assumed it would be, but it is interesting to know how the seemingly meaningless items, such as a box of crayons and a roll of toilet paper relate to her.
The main problem I had with this book was that Tessa doesn’t really make me feel sympathy for her. All of her actions and decisions up to this point in her life have been selfish and pitiful. I want to feel for her, but for the most part I just cant. The book is a simple read, definitely below my reading level, so the simplicity could be another reason why it just didn’t pull me in. Younger teens would enjoy this, or older if they want a really easy summer read.
This book would have been much better had more attention been given to detail and character development. Though the book was good, and I am happy I read it, since if not I would have always wondered about it, it is not great and it won’t be one that I read over and over.


  1. I've read Bree Tanner, and dear john out of those four books, and i loved them both. fantastic reviews guys!

  2. What did you think of the Dear John ending? and did you see the movie too? I only saw the movie, but Stevi told me about the differences between the book and the movie...
    ♥ Allie

  3. well, i saw bits and pieces of the movie, and it was a lot different, but still pretty close, and really good.
    the books ending was a little different than in the movie...they didn't really get back together. the book ended with Tim getting somewhat better, and John standing on top of th hill outside of Savannah's house, watching tim, savannah, and allen walking together. actually, it was kind of a sad ending. throughout the book, they say that whenever there's a full moon, they feel like they're together. so, at the ending, he says he's looking at the moon, and it feels almost like they're together again. pretty sad, but insanely beautiful. you should read it! i just gave everything away...

  4. yeah thats pretty much what stevi told me too.
    and oh well, hopefully readers wont mind, but im sure most of them have either seen the movie or read the book anyways, its not like we are talking about a new release lol

  5. While reading your review of "Heaven", I thought it sounded an awful lot like a YA version of "Five People You Meet in Heaven". What do you think?

  6. I see how it could seem like "Five People You Meet in Heaven." I actually havn't read the book, but I have seen the movie, and personally the movie is superior to the "Heaven" book. "Five People" is far more touching and heartfelt in comparison to the more juvenile "Heaven" book. The story line is different, and as I said before, "Heaven" doesnt really make me feel any deep sympathy for the main character, so there isn't much of a connection.