So I thought this space would be an awesome place for everyone to share their stuff. For instance, did you make a really awesome pie that you simply must share? well now you can! It doesnt have to be that, it can be anything, a book you want to discuss, something you want people to know, whatever! I just want to see people getting involved and making friends, so hopefully this will help fuel a little more conversation and interest in the going ons of The Book Cafe :)
♥ Allie


  1. Hey, Allie,

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce us. We are a group of debut authors called The Class of 2K11.

    You may have heard of our predecessors as the 2k class authors are not new. Indeed, many well known and acclaimed MG & YA authors have come from previous 2k classes including Rebecca Stead (When You Reach Me), Jay Asher (Thirteen Reasons Why), and Sarah Prineas (The Magic Thief series), and we hope to do them proud!

    It's almost our turn to try. Our website www.classof2k11.com will be launching soon (11-10!), and we'd like to keep you informed of our ongoing contests (including our Hands On! contest) and activities we’ve planned for the year. We’ll also be available for guest blogging, Skype visits and online chats as things roll along. Even some in-person events.

    If we may send you our flyer and add you to our mailing list, please let me know here (g.polisner@gmail.com), and provide me with the full contact name and best email address to reach you at.

    We look forward to your readings and reviews throughout the year.

    Gae Polisner

    The Pull of Gravity, FSG, May 2011

    *Two teens embark on a secret mission to keep a promise to a dying friend; will they accomplish what they set out for, or merely discover the beauty of Steinbeck, the crappy truth about best-laid plans, and a few pleasant facts about gravity?*

  2. Hi Allie, how are you?

    I really like the blog concept made out a cafe. It makes reading all the entries extra fun. Everything is well put together. ; )

    If you are interested I created a blog directory where you can list your blog. It's free, and would love for others to find you through there. www.FictionBloggers.com


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