Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recipe - Twenty Boy Summer

So this may seem like a trivial, no-brainer recipe but I will share it none-the-less.
While it is technically supposed to be winter, Southern California has been warm and sunny, so in honor of this beautiful weather, and our Summer-y book, I thought I'd share a tried and true smoothie recipe that even Anna and Frankie would have enjoyed.
I am actually very picky when it comes to my fruit smoothies. Usually when I go to a smoothie shop they insist on all of these extra add-ins that make the drink no longer healthy, can't I just have a plain fruit smoothie?!!?
So, to save money and stay healthy I make my own smoothies at home.
Here is my recipe for a very healthy strawberry banana smoothie:

1 banana
3-4 frozen strawberries
a very small amount of milk (maybe 1/8 cup, no more than 1/4)

just put these together and blend!

the banana adds a creamy texture, while the frozen strawberries act in place of adding ice or sherbert or ice cream, and the milk is just enough to make sure the fruit blends well and isnt too thick

Hope you enjoy! :)

~ Allie

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