Sunday, August 15, 2010

update! ツ

Hello there!

I hope everyone is enjoying our site. We really are trying to make something that will interest everyone.
We have decided to do one recipe and one review every week, so make sure you log on every week to check it out.
Remember, there is more than just the home page. if you click on the other tabs you will find more stuff :)
Also, communication is key. For all we know nobody actually reads anything that we post, or at least doesnt care about it. So, if you do stop by the blog, how about you leave a note or a comment to let us know what's going on. Dont like something?  Tell us! Love something? Tell us! Do you think 1 review and recipe a week is enough, or should there be more? Let us know! Like our review? have you read the book also? have somethign to add? By all means, tell us!
we would love it if people interacted with each other and with us, so please, do so :)
Finally, i have added a subscribe gadget to the page on the right. Please subscribe so you can be updated when we actually do post new information.

Thank you all for your support
We truly Appreciate it!

☮♥ Allie

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