Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey :)

Hey everyone!
So last night was the premiere of Eclipse, and Stevi and I went. It was actually surprisingly good. Definitely way better than the first two movies! Did anyone else see it, or plan on seeing it?
Also, I am working on getting the menu bar fixed, so if it seems a little spastic I'm sorry, I fail at being a techy, that's why I read haha.
Remember to check out all apects of this site. The recipes section is being added to and trust me, everything is delicious :)
Finally, please encourage your friends to follow us. Obviously you dont need to have a blogger account o follow, and it costs nothing, so why not? Once we get enough followers we will be able to give away prizes and have more fun stuff on here. So please, tell your friends!!!

♥ Allie

p.s. other than the spastic menu bar how does everyone like this site? any suggestions or feedback? I'm working on getting more recipes up too. Does everyone like those?

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